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MELEVEY tools enter the global pneumatic wrench market


The growing prosperity of the automotive industry will definitely drive the development of the auto repair industry! MELEVEY air impact wrench is based on the attitude of seeking truth and being pragmatic, constantly innovating the corporate philosophy, and constantly developing the auto repair industry. In just over ten years, it has become a leader in the pneumatic industry, especially the series of pneumatic impact wrenches that Manliwei has been playing, such as the research field series, the Japanese rock series, the Jiedao series, the Nan Cannon series and so on. The wide selection of people in the industry has also been favored by the majority of users!

The automotive industry outlook is still optimistic

According to a data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers recently, the auto industry in the first quarter of this year has maintained the same high growth as last year, and from the perspective of listed companies that have published annual reports in the two cities this year, in addition to Tianjin Auto, In addition to the losses of Jinbei Auto and Frozen Panthers, the performance of other auto-listed companies has shown a certain growth, and even worse, the performance has increased by more than 50%, such as Dongfeng Motor and Jiangling Motors. However, can we assert that the automotive industry is very optimistic? The answer is yes, the main reasons are as follows:

First of all, the rapid growth of the Chinese economy has enabled the people's living standards to begin to enter a well-off level. When household appliances are fully popularized, the focus of household consumption will shift to large-scale housing and automobiles. It is in this consumption trend that the automotive industry maintained a fairly high growth rate last year and early this year. And this consumption trend will certainly continue to accelerate in the next few years, which has laid a very good foundation for the development of the automotive industry.

Second, national policies encourage and support the development of the automotive industry. At the beginning of last year, the State Administration of Taxation revealed that the purchase of automobile consumption tax is expected to be lowered by 30%. In August, many media reported that the automobile scrapping policy will be significantly adjusted. In early September, Zeng Peiyan, director of the State Planning Commission, will promote the consumption of automobiles and cars in the top five consumptions. Various banks and companies have introduced auto consumption loans. Looking back now, these benefits have basically begun to cash. More importantly, the state now strongly encourages mergers and reorganizations in the auto industry, and explicitly proposes to support the development of FAW, Second Automobile and SAIC. It is now rumored that Tianjin Auto is seeking the acquisition of FAW. With the implementation of these policies and the strong alliance and structural optimization within the automotive industry, the economies of scale and strong anti-risk capabilities of the domestic automotive industry are just around the corner.

Finally, the incentive effect after joining the WTO. When talking about the WTO, it seems that the biggest impact after joining the WTO is the automotive industry, but we don't think so. As for the impact of China's entry into the WTO on automobile companies, we believe that just as China's home appliance companies faced the impact of foreign goods more than a decade ago, car companies will develop faster and mature more quickly.

In summary, the current development prospects of the auto repair industry are very promising. Manlyway is currently promoting pneumatic equipment.

Why choose pneumatic tools? Does he have those advantages?

Nowadays, many manufacturing industries, machinery, transportation, gas stations, garages, chemical industry, etc., all choose pneumatic tools for operation, because pneumatic tools have long life, low cost, and adaptability. In a general environment or in a special environment of temperature, humidity, and dust, reliable work can be performed, which makes the company feel at ease.

    Pneumatic tools mainly use the energy of compressed air provided by air compressors as the power to make the tools work. In the early days, most of the pneumatic tools in China were imported from foreign countries, and the prices were generally high. With the development and improvement of domestic technology. The price of pneumatic tools is lowered, and the after-sales service is more perfect, so customers can buy with confidence.

    What are the advantages of pneumatic tools? Xiao Bian helps you to analyze the mystery: 1. The power source is rich, because the air is easy to obtain, and the working pressure is very low, the used air can be easily discharged, no need to consider the recycling problem; 2, because of the air viscosity Small, the resistance loss during flow is also small, long-distance transmission is also possible; 3, pneumatic tools are mainly rotary and reciprocating two, pneumatic actuators high speed, high efficiency; 4, pneumatic actuators long life, It can reduce the cost; 5, pneumatic tools are suitable for a variety of environments, cold, hot, dry, humid and dust-free environment can work, no need to worry about a little carelessness will pollute the environment; 6, pneumatic system is advanced and reliable, The structure is simple, the maintenance is easy, and the cost is low.

    In general, pneumatic tools have the advantage of faster movement and adaptability.

Pneumatic tools also have many advantages compared with power tools. For example, pneumatic tools are lighter and more portable than electric tools at the same output power. Pneumatic tools are easier to maintain, as long as they are connected to the air source. Pneumatic tools are resistant to water, even Immersion work is not as fatal as power tools; pneumatic tool speed and output power adjustment are simple to operate, and can be easily controlled by air supply valves; pneumatic tools save energy, reduce costs, and have long life and safety of pneumatic tools. high.

MELEVEY is willing to join hands with people from all walks of life, the majority of users, and jointly contribute to the national auto repair business!

MELEVEY tools enter the global pneumatic wrench ma



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